Our designs utilize state-of the-art RF simulation techniques and models available in the industry and are validated by thorough prototype testing in the laboratory. Our RF simulation capabilities include linear, nonlinear and EM simulation, based on tightly integrated EDA tools.

Our RF test and measurement capabilities include among others:
• scalar and vector network analysis
• spectrum analysis
• noise figure measurement and phase noise
• sensitivity measurements
• selectivity measurements

• intermodulation measurements
• sensitivity in uniform EM field generated with TEM cells
• simulated mobile radio propagation environments (fading, time dispersion and Doppler shifts)
• time-domain signal analysis
• digital modulation analysis for specific modulation formats
• EMI radiated emissions and immunity to RF fields for specified frequency ranges and levels

A brief description of our engineering design processes is provided in the following document:
Engineering Process Requirements ( EPR.pdf )

For detailed information please contact NovelWave directly.